ASP.NET And Emerging Web Technologies

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A free seminar by esolpro and ESP training on “Emerging Web Technology” seminar focused on Current Trends in Web Technologies - Frameworks, Libraries and Platforms

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Web Applications have been growing in importance in the last years. The technologies driving this development have changed in the past years faster than ever before and new paradigms have been invented. Cross platform development, social applications and responsive websites are just symptoms of the growing importance. However, this development comes with challenges for software engineers in the area of web development. Multiple technologies have surfaced that target specific areas of application. Numerous libraries, frameworks and paradigms compete for adoption, each with their own ecosystem.

In this session a small subset of the ever changing web technology ecosystem are presented.

This seminar helps the participants of the seminar to develop good understanding of open source web technologies and their role in website and web application development and selection of web development as career.

In addition to this details of our famousHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySqlaspDotnet world press and Web Application Development course will be provided.





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